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JavaScript’s Versions

ECMA Script’s Versions

JavaScript is a scripting language that was introduced to make web pages alive and be interactive with the user

ECMA Script’s VersionsDate published
ESECMA-262, 1st edition, June 1997 1997
ES2ECMA-262, 2nd edition, August 19981998
ES3ECMA-262, 3rd edition, December 19991999
ES4 ECMA-262, 4th edition (not existing) – Abandoned(political disagreements)
ES5ECMA-262, 5th edition, December 2009 2009
ES5.1 ECMA-262, 5.1th edition, June 20112011
ES6ECMA-262, 6th edition, June 20152015
ES7ECMA-262, 7th edition, June 20162016
ES8ECMA-262, 8th edition, June 20172017
ES9ECMA-262, 9th edition, June 20182018
ES10ECMA-262, 10th edition, June 20192019
ES11ECMA-262, 11th edition, June 20202020
ES12 ECMA-262, 12th edition, September 2021(draft) 2021
ES NEXTNext (future release)

Reference: ECMA-262

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